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This is Jurassic Park! - created by sigi

This is Jurassic Park!
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Cartman entered into the wrong PARK, he needs to be sent back to South Park (3 years and 38 days ago)

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author says:

I don't know why the silhouettes are blurry, in photoshop they look ok

What was the size and resolution (pixels per inch) of the PSD?
What was the final size of the image submitted (MB)?

(3 years and 37 days ago)

author says:

It was the same size, it's pretty small, I started somewhere 1024x768 and crop to 867x651. Only 200kb has the file.

I noticed that when I'm a little zoomed in on the picture in PS, it also looks blurred, but when I zoom out it's ok.

Maybe I will redo the entire image at a bigger resolution

The problem is resolution. I always work at 200 pxls per inch (sometimes larger). Canvas size 10 X 12 inches minimum size, (most always larger).

I rescale the JPEG usually never less than 100 pxls per inch and reduce the size (dimensions) until I get as close to the maximum 5MB size allowed for submissions. Always make the final size as close to the 5MB max as possible.

In Photoshop edges get softer when they are enlarged so working larger, even with type sizes, will help keep sharp edges sharper in the final JPEG submitted. Vector images as in Illustrator remain sharp at any size but Photoshop uses pixels and the more pixels the sharper the image.

(3 years and 37 days ago)

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Full moon dinosaur - created by Scarecrow73

Full moon dinosaur
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Earth and sky:



myself and my camera (5 years and 1160 days ago)

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avatar Rumi
Rumi says:

very good textures gl

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

And a beautiful moon it was, great shot and colors, author.

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Jurassic Era - created by hsbee

Jurassic Era
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Only Source Used..

Brushes Credits:
Tree Brush:

Moon Brush:

Clouds Brush : (5 years and 2206 days ago)

avatar nishagandhi

nice job

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

He's WONDERFUL.. I wanna play fetch with him..hehehe... but I'll let my brother retrieve the ball from him LOL

this could be just me..but is there a way to blur the stroke line around him.. it's okay.. but it does make him look cartoonie.. or that could be your goal.. he's just so wonderful, that the line makes him look like an animation.. if that was your goal, then ignore me.. but it would be cool to see what would happen if you soften the sharpness of that stroke line

YES!!! the soften lines makes it more real, (it's the price you pay for HIGH RES.. hehehe. .I probably wouldn't have noticed in regular res, but in high res you can see everything) good job author

author says:

thanks golem. i softened the stroke line a bit.. i suppose this is what u wanted to see. or is it something else?? i like the softened one better.. thanks for the tip..

avatar Tuckinator

very creative

avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Really nice idea, the shadow is pretty good

avatar ReapRevenge
ReapRevenge [banned] says:

Interesting idea!!

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Great job drawing him! What's he standing on...wouldn't there be footprints? Blur the shadow a bit, otherwise it's lookin' good.

avatar LKY
LKY says:

wow....aweomse concept......but I agree with cmyk there should be foot prints....

avatar Kid
Kid says:

the dinosaur should be brighter on the side facing the moon, gl

author says:

thanks a lot CMYK. will work on gettin the footprints right away.. @Kid: i haven't shown his body which faces the moon.. from watchin jurassic park movies, i had observed that the dino skin were a bit 'shiny' at places.. i wanted the moon light on the earth surface to be bright, hence u can see a bit bright sky, see features on the ground and the body of the dino. The bright ambience also makes the shadow not thick black.. hope i am right on this..

author says:

edit: added some footprints, blurred the shadow and added some dust near the foot.. hope it is better now.. @Nator: I tried using the green skinned dino.. but i did not feel satisfied on blending it with the environment. So i went for the brown-black dino..

avatar gopankarichal

very nice

avatar zatrix
zatrix says:

nice work... If it's water he's treading on - there's gotta be ripples on the surface, if it's fog - there have to be twirls, i think.

author says:

@zatrix: he is walkin on a bit sandy solid ground.. the shiny pat of the ground are certain shiny sand crystals and the dust is sand dust due to his heavy walk

avatar animmax
animmax says:

Nice work - but that cloud over the moon looks like it could do with a touch up..

avatar chakra1985

great job

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