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This is Jurassic Park! - created by sigi

This is Jurassic Park!
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Cartman entered into the wrong PARK, he needs to be sent back to South Park (2 years and 266 days ago)

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author says:

I don't know why the silhouettes are blurry, in photoshop they look ok

What was the size and resolution (pixels per inch) of the PSD?
What was the final size of the image submitted (MB)?

(2 years and 266 days ago)

author says:

It was the same size, it's pretty small, I started somewhere 1024x768 and crop to 867x651. Only 200kb has the file.

I noticed that when I'm a little zoomed in on the picture in PS, it also looks blurred, but when I zoom out it's ok.

Maybe I will redo the entire image at a bigger resolution

The problem is resolution. I always work at 200 pxls per inch (sometimes larger). Canvas size 10 X 12 inches minimum size, (most always larger).

I rescale the JPEG usually never less than 100 pxls per inch and reduce the size (dimensions) until I get as close to the maximum 5MB size allowed for submissions. Always make the final size as close to the 5MB max as possible.

In Photoshop edges get softer when they are enlarged so working larger, even with type sizes, will help keep sharp edges sharper in the final JPEG submitted. Vector images as in Illustrator remain sharp at any size but Photoshop uses pixels and the more pixels the sharper the image.

(2 years and 266 days ago)

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