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City of islands - created by derdevil

City of islands
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i wish i had more time to finalize some things on this entry, and to make sbs..if i didn't catch the deadline i'll try to put it in the comments...
credits to:
xesko82 fro for Illes Medes image
somadjinn from DA for air balloons iamge
mindCollision-stock from DA for little island iamge
darkrose42-stock from DA for stormy sea image
Titelgestalten from DA for rope image..
also thanks to wikimedia commons, imageafter and cgtextures for stock images..
just to mention, leaf image was used to define brush,and with that brush (adjusted space and scattering) painted over islands and ropes..
link to leaf source : (5 years and 1115 days ago)

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avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Good treatment of a subject that's been done badly so many times.

avatar Eladine
Eladine says:

I like this image a lot except theres hardly or none play with lights or shades on the building on the front/big floating isle while that captures ur attention the first. It makes it look a little flat. Perhaps you can liven it up somehow that building. I will put it on my favs anyway because its a very nice image. well done.

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pshoudini says:

this is really well done..i see you put a lot off effort into this and so many source images merged together....the only think i'd try to work on or get rid of instead is that lower right statue of angels. or add some soft cloud brush over it or burr it a bit to give a DOF view.

other than this, one of my top piks

good luck

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

I like the variation of island bottoms! Perhaps if you darken a few of the highlights of the further island will vary it even more! Nice work, author!

avatar rsguetre
rsguetre says:

This must have taken some time, the results show it.
That one balloon that's exactly centered behind that tower is a distraction from an otherwise great piece of work.

author says:

thanks for the feedback i agree, some tweaks here and there will improve the image, but i ran out of time... actually i started with this some 20-24 hours before the deadline, so i didn't had time for some adjustments..well, i have to be happy with what i got

and here is small WIP ...

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

Great job and win !!

avatar spaceranger


avatar lolu
lolu says:

Congrats !

avatar madamemonty

Congrats, very nice work

avatar mqtrf
mqtrf says:


avatar vertigo
vertigo says:


no avatar
pshoudini says:

great job and well deserved win...congrats

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petra floating islands - created by Glam0urGirl2007

petra floating islands
Favs: 1SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 7/9Score: 56.2% (0)7199 views


i have change the sky, and replaced source #3 to new resourse

id like to thank and give
credit to meihua-stock @ deviant art. for
james bond island 1.2 (source #1)

id like to thank and give
credit to Cat-in-the-Stock @ deviant art. for river stock 3 (source #2)

id like to thank and give credi to Chemtec @ for Sunset Le Pagnon
(source #3) (5 years and 1583 days ago)

4 Sources:

avatar bingbong088

it will be good if its ur idea
this one is not

avatar chromathoughts

u shuld mention the tutorial u used for this, nice work though

avatar chromathoughts

moreover the lighting is not much realistic on the front most island, try n fix that, gud luck author

author says:



avatar silencer32

i like this but wat chromathought said is rite...its must fix...overrall,i love this image..

author says:

i changed lighting to look better

avatar chromathoughts

much better now, gud luck

avatar langstrum
langstrum says:

At least you should use different source compared to the tutorial to create that. It's not practice, that's copying, no creativity is seen here, not mention that the image of the given source looks like cut and paste

avatar Nickk
Nickk says:

Cool I always love floating cities !! The stones look a bit too perfect at the downside though... should be more damaged !

Anyway good luck with this contest author !

avatar bingbong088

wow 100% agree with langstrum

author says:

@ langstrum, i did less islands and added a few different adjustment layers and did a few things differently it wasnt only copying. this was my first attempt to something this extremem so bare with me please.

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

Unfortunately I have to agree with langstrum; even you follow a tutorial, you could look for another images to create your own floating island, to make something different. And as you didn't upload a sbs, it's difficult to say if you really made it or if you downloaded the tut image and added the supplied source. Pls, don't take me wrong, but you have to show your effort here. I know you can, because I saw another works made by you.

avatar neeraj55
neeraj55 says:

this is like a MAGIC WORLD . i like it ! good luck

avatar Tuckinator

i really like this!

avatar jaskier
jaskier says:

Good image.

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