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Dancing on Someone's Grave - created by RickLaMesa

Dancing on Someones Grave
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(5 years and 1894 days ago)

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avatar westfall
westfall says:

only issue i have is the cemetary choice... other than my personal bias.. this entry is well done.

avatar DanLundberg

To me, "dancing on" needs to show feet in contact.

avatar itsdesign
itsdesign says:


Howdie stranger!
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RIP - created by Draco

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(5 years and 2012 days ago)

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avatar Mozzafan07

love it, great idea.

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Good idea, but source link doesn't lead to image used...

avatar gayongmaarifat

need to improve on shading & lighting bro!

avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Good idea... link is wrong thou...

avatar JamesD
JamesD says:

you need to make it look like its sticking out from the ground... otherwise... good idea... maybe also match the shadows in the background.. as the other stones aren't creating any...

avatar Govindrathod

A little shading and the thing if comes from the would be even better...

author says:

From some reason I can't modify my entry so I will place the rightLink here: Thanks To giselaroyo for

no avatar
Widiar says:

Some problems with the perspective here, as it looks like it's a bit twisted.. also doesn't match with the angle of the other stones. Like the idea, maybe you could add also some name or something to it.. (And yes, blending with the ground needs more work..I vote later if you decide to improve this..)

author says:

I would improve this chop but from some reason, I don't know why, I can't reedit my entry, so I can't change anything, nor the source of the image, nor the chop. I hope some moderator will take a loot at the settings and do something about it.

avatar erathion
erathion says:

I agree with CMYK,u dont need shadow at this toomb stone...everything else is great...

avatar RayTedwell

I have to disagree here erathion, if you look at the strong shadowing on the sign/tombstone, there should be a shadow behind it. The trick will be to match the light and shadow on the rest of the background image so it doesnt look 'pasted on'

avatar elficho
elficho says:

why is the grass behind the gravestone blurred/smudged?

avatar Suky04
Suky04 says:

very nice RIP and realistic the texture!

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

You can't edit an entry after Friday, say 2:00 MST. I honestly think the only thing wrong with this image is the fact it doesn't look like it's sticking out of the ground (like it's just leaning on a stilt or something) that's all. You'll get the editing thing figured out in time, if you keep submitting. GL!

avatar chakra1985


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Sunshine - created by RayTedwell

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The tongue twister is 'We surely shall see the sun shine again'.

I have gone for a bit of a different style to most of the others here, and not taken such a literal interpretation of the words. I have tried to show that despite the somewhat blue sky, the death of a loved one can plunge our world into darkness. The 'surely see the sun shine again' is symbolised by the feint ray of light shining on the girl, and the single bloom on a seemingly dead tree.

I hope that makes sense and that you like the image, comments appreciated. (5 years and 2012 days ago)

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avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

I think it is wonderful....

author says:

edit: the tongue twister is actually: 'we surely shall see the sun shine soon'

thanks loopyluv, glad you like it!

avatar Clinge
Clinge says:

Very nice GL

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your third place, Ray!

avatar demi
demi says:


avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Congratulations for 3rd

avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Congrats again Ray!!!

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