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Convention Catalog Page - created by Drivenslush

Convention Catalog Page
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Waterfall Brushes (5 years and 2699 days ago)

avatar blindscientist

It might elicit a more "watery" feel if the gradient was blue. Just my opinion.

avatar JamesD
JamesD says:

Way too much text... it's not really advertising a new drink.... IMO

author says:

When I construct ads for convention magazines, I usually have to cram in 50-100 words of text 4-8 pictures (all with captions) sometimes coupons as well, not to mention maps to the booth..

It's advertising a company that cleans water.. thus a beverage.. IMHO

Thanks for your comments

avatar gopankarichal

Kabooza is hot! Kabooza is cool! Kabooza is just the most exciting beverage you ever tried.

Is the design meeting the contest goal? not sure.

author says:

If you've ever been to a Product Convention, this would be the coolest Product there.. industrial product Conventions are where all the nerds in High School grow up to spend the bazillion dollars they earned for studying so hard... (though some of the products are quite amazing.. industrial dryers are the most fun.. they can process thousand pound loads and you could fit an entire class of fifth graders into one

The idea for a company making a beverage base popped into my head, (It's very Hallmarky, but I wanted to press it out of the catalog look)

I did try it in the blue spectrum (as suggested by Blind Scientist) but I just kept going back to the red so I decided to keep it... (it's not like I'm going to win or anything, but I sure enjoyed making the piece)

Thanks again Gopan!

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

Water is still the best refreshing and essencial drink for life (does anybody live without water?)

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