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Technological Constraints - created by caporegime

Technological Constraints
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Technology has taken our lives by storm. We have been enslaved by technology even for the most basic life functions. It has taken over and it is here to stay.

Sources from sxc,hu
Thanks to sundesigns for the circuit board.
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avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

The face looks very flat and "cut and paste," and the folded shirt beneath even more so. You've done a nice job of attempting some 3d depth with the cables extending from the face to the circuit board, but there is no lighting on them to help convey depth and space, they too, look very flat.

Your edges are a bit too sharp, you might try going over them with a small brush and slight blur to help them cohere together as a single image, and you may want to use the pen tool to extract the face, so that the edges are not quite so rough and angular.

author says:

Made the necessary changes. Hope its better now ! Special thanks to MossyB for valuable feedback.

avatar DanLundberg

The concept in the description is a very creative take on the theme and the glowing circuit board is cool, but I have to admit I find the overall image disappointing (a pensive young woman with a circuit-board forehead just says 'weird' to me). On the other hand, a distraught figure in a circuit-board straitjacket would be very compelling as an alternative representation of the theme IMO. Or maybe some sort of technological zombie. A title such as 'Slave to Technology' might be more inspirational for your vision.

author says:

special thanks to Dan Lundberg for his/her comment. You have some great ideas there. Wish i cud have thought of it.
My idea was to depict that technology has taken over all of us, even the common man, while we are happy and nonchalant about it.( Hence the pensive looking lady ) We don't even care how much we are dependent on it for even the simplest tasks, like remembering phone numbers or dates. Technology is taking over and we are simply silent spectators. That's what I was going for.
Thanks again. Cheers.

avatar riady
riady says:

Wow - great concept on showing the constraint of a robot by the technology. Nice execution as well, but as MossyB mentioned, the 3D depth was not conveyed in full capacity. Probably by putting soft shadow on the clothes behind the girl head will provide a bit more realistic dimension. But overall, love the idea and the concept

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