SackBoy - created by mircea

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just a little doll with just 2 options.. cuddle and kill (5 years and 2463 days ago)

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

The 3D contests are over that way---->

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Look harder.

avatar Geexman
Geexman says:

lol 90% 3d in a contest trying to promote the excellence of 2d talent....thank you for re-enforcing my point author Best of luck

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Author, I must agree with Geexman, even though I respect you and your work. This entry could almost be a test case for our discussions in the forum about this very mix of 2D and 3D. There's just too much 3D here to be admissable. Look harder for other 2D sources, or change your idea to fit what you can find. I'm getting tired of this 2D vs. 3D argument, and ironically I think you're proving my point here. Again, no ill will toward you, but this is not a 2D entry.

avatar EmiK
EmiK says:

Awesome, love it, wanted to make one a while back = )

avatar r1k3r
r1k3r says:

5.8. Models Created with 3D Programs such as "Poser": If you use a 3D program to create a model (eg. with Poser), it is required to post this in your step by step guide.You are allowed to use any program you'd like to make your entry. If you make your own renders, please make screenshots from the object in wireframe modus and show in the Step By Step how you made your render. In case you use premade models, always link to the page where the model is from. Be aware that these models have to be free to use.

It's time CMYK and Geexman YOU BOTH read the rules! Until ADMIN decides whats best for the contests then this entry is well within the site guidelines.

Nice work author and intelligent mix of 2D and 3D.

avatar solkee
solkee says:

I have to agree with r1k3r. The entry is well within the rules and is clearly explained in the SBS. The author has made a nice entry that fits clearly within the guidelines as they stand. Why bring this up on this particular entry when we seen half a dozen each week using 3D models, mostly from one particular author where nobody ever mentions anything about his 3D usage. Anyway as said before, nice entry author.

avatar Geexman
Geexman says:

@ r1k3r I suggest you read the comments as closely as you read the rulebook son...when did I suggest a breach of the rules? You can create an entire image in 3d and make a minor change in photoshop for it to be within the rules, but that doesn't mean I have to appreciate it. Defend the image, the author & 3D usage all you like but please dont try & twist my comments.

avatar r1k3r
r1k3r says:

@Geexman @author nice entry

avatar spaceranger

While I would prefer to see a 2D only contest, I argree with r1k3r and solkee their comments are most correct, the rules have been adhered to, the author has done nothing wrong.
Regarding your entry author you really haven't used the source very much, I prefer more inventive use of source images although the work is nice.
You also commented that you had an entry removed twice and said you provided proper link and the image was free to use. That infers unfair treatment from the moderator. What you failed to mention is that the image was determined to be previously manipulated and once you corrected that you republished it and it remained in the contest.
You also mentioned "the same thing applies to the entries that have 90% drawing??", last time I checked drawing is 2 dimensional and has always been a part of these contests.

avatar spaceranger

I've no objection at all to what you have created or the method used, it's a well made entry as it is. You could have used the contest source to build the entire arm, there's enough raw material in the image for that. I've always felt source contests should utilize the image in ways that create an image unjque to that source. To me that's the challenge. I think we shouldn't call these "Photoshop" contests and I advocate the addition of a separate contest for Photoshop/2D while keeping these "Computer Graphics" as they are. It's wrong to voice objections to an entry when all criteria is met as per contest rules.

avatar Chalty669
Chalty669 says:

I would've liked to see a different method of highlights and shadows. The burn method you've used has added extra saturation in darker areas. When shading I almost always use a black brush set to 5% opacity. This guarantees shaded regions don't gain unnatural saturation. I also think the eye could use some more light. Perhaps over dodging it will create a more realistic light. Also the other eye needs more shading under it. Good luck author!

avatar genuine2009

...))) !!!! they are too good for the rest of let them continue to bark!!!!....)))))
btw....nice work!!!!

avatar MnMCarta
MnMCarta says:

I love this! Very cool.

avatar Concrete
Concrete says:


avatar George55
George55 says:

Looks good....nice!

avatar nanaris
nanaris says:

good luck!

avatar JPDesigns
JPDesigns says:

I think it would have been more noticable about the half evil half cuddly if it was really half/half, such as having the red eye and metal show on the side of the robot arm. But then again that would have been too literal. Oh well, its cute...ish hehe.

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