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Human's natural motion is terrestrial.
What if instead of walking as our main way to movement, we would fly like birds or swim like fishes? Or even a different sort of movement on land?
Create a scene based on how the world would be today if our natural motion was different.

Required level: 8+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Akassa

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human motion_4ac1358823f20 - created by spygirl1978

human motion_4ac1358823f20
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"Life in Wartime - H - 5" by *mjranum-stock on

Gears Photoshop & GIMP Brushes by Obsidian Dawn:


CrackedEarth0018 (Texture: #12980):


ConcreteRough0008 (Texture: #7141) :

city lights image is mine....
(5 years and 2923 days ago)

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playing - created by puppetized

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model is from sxc
by speedy2 (5 years and 2925 days ago)

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Amphibian Metamorphosis - created by donh

Amphibian Metamorphosis
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adapting oneself to travel in water......hope this is within the guidelines for this contest,
if not at least it was fun playing around with this project. (5 years and 2921 days ago)

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Finally! - created by ponti55

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(5 years and 2926 days ago)

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symbol - created by puppetized

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all sources are from sxc (5 years and 2926 days ago)

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