3 Worlds - created by Siminho90

3 Worlds
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Fantasy image. Please view in High Res :)

Used Saturn and Trees Brushes:
http://www.brusheezy.com/brushes (5 years and 1950 days ago)

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baby turist - created by mariosilva

baby turist
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(5 years and 1951 days ago)

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snow globe - created by spygirl1978

snow globe
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noticed a slight transperency on one of the fingers...it's been cloned and adjusted.

sources used:
Hand pack 1 by ~marchetooo on deviantart.com: http://marchetooo.deviantart.com/art/Hand-pack-1-74371108

Moons Stars Sparkles Brushes by ~Falln-Brushes at deviantart.com: http://falln-brushes.deviantart.com/art/Moons-Stars-Sparkles-Brushes-23166101


Smoke Flow Brush Set by ~joshcartledge at deviantart.com: http://joshcartledge.deviantart.com/art/Smoke-Flow-Brush-Set-79645178 (5 years and 1950 days ago)

3 Sources: