m.manson - created by mariosilva

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(5 years and 3075 days ago)

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Lost - created by darkshellie23

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I don't think it necessary to put the sbs, (5 years and 3075 days ago)

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Preposterous Juvenile - created by nehayash

Preposterous Juvenile
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Taken a risk of painting the CD cover of Rock band colourful."Dont judge a book by its cover" is what I tried to implement for the front cover & the girl in it..Suggestions and comments are most welcomed. (5 years and 3074 days ago)

Literally mistake... - created by nemanja

Literally mistake...
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Think this is on theme? :D

Have used masking to shop the texture from the stone and then overleyed it onto the fan.
Used basic text fonts, and then smudged them to make the ornaments.
Used radial blur on the song list....
... (5 years and 3075 days ago)

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Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon - created by Elnino9

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon
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I have designed my own cover for kid cudi's upcoming album man on the moon

Made the moon, swirls and bunny brighter and got rid of some of the stars in the fore ground! also added a bar code (5 years and 3076 days ago)

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