Noise Land Band - created by darkshellie23

Noise Land Band
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Oh Yeah - 9 by *mjranum-stock

Rock Star Brushes by ~xCassiex24 (5 years and 3073 days ago)

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Duplicated - The Album - created by Richirajd

Duplicated - The Album
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This is an album made for the imaginary band Mellow Noise, The genre of the band is Modern Rock.
I've put the cover on a black backgrond, so the black outer stroke is not part of the album.

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BlueBerrieS - created by vinshine

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watering ur ears with Music.,

Suggestions welcomed.

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LAMesa UnPlugged! - created by freejay

LAMesa UnPlugged!
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Bad Blood Skin diary - created by BUMFEATURES

Bad Blood Skin diary
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I have listed my sources, the photo, blood bursh and font.
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