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Suggested by: tapiona

Akassa: Such an amazing view ( 5 years and 3024 days ago )
PSA2009: I agree! th9is is going to be interesting! beautiful possibilities and endless amounts of ideas!! ( 5 years and 3021 days ago )

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His last breath - created by Missy

His last breath
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"Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?"

John Keats 1795-1821 (5 years and 3021 days ago)

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dolphin fjord - created by puppetized

dolphin fjord
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dolphin source is from sxc (5 years and 3020 days ago)

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No title - created by isoflow

No title
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I have added the horse, lake, tree and the clouds. Further, I have made shadows to the ground and light from the sky (filter: lightening effects). I also have used curves to adjust the colours - one adjustment layer for each part of the image (snowy mountain, horse, tree, sky). I hope you like it!

Thanks to Chris Bond at for letting me use his beautiful tree, and also thanks to John tokarz for letting me use his beautiful lake. I found both images on Flickr.

jtokarz2003 john tokarz
Re: Use of image
Yes you can use the picture, thankyou for your interest, regards John.

~Wizard Images~ Chris Bond
Re: would you allow me to use your tree 3 in a contest?
That's fine. I will allow you to use it.
Thanks. (5 years and 3020 days ago)

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Radioactive mountains - created by siderismaris

Radioactive mountains
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The lightnings are made using the nice brush packs from kingskully and anodyne from the deviantart. however, on the mountains I've made myself the green glowing lines, the contour using a thin brush and the smudge tool. lights and shadows have been made with dodge and burn tool. Enjoy!
credits and thanks: (5 years and 3019 days ago)

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coming soon...... - created by wtfayla

coming soon......
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cut, paste blur,smear,
(5 years and 3020 days ago)

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