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How will the future be in your opinion/view? In this contest you have to build up a futuristic scene. You can basically do anything you like, your own view you have in mind about the future. It can be a futuristic object, building, landscape, ...
This future englobes every kind of future, 1 year from now, 50 years from now, 500 years from now, it's up to you.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Akassa

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Howdie stranger!
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Combination of Photography, 3D modeling/rendering and Airbrush.

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Hope is Never Out of Style - created by vampyriccadence

Hope is Never Out of Style
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I wanted to create an image that was a blend of emotions, enjoy :)

Yay! My quota maximum finally reached its 24 hour mark and I was able to get those links to the other images used.

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Die garten - created by Lya

Die garten
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All drawn by myself for a contest in Lausanne, I thought it fitted right here.
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Hope - created by SOLARIS

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Jears and jears and jears after mankind finaly colapsed in they´r tragical fate
At a time where even the memory of all past memorys was lost.
At a time where everything seems to be over.
At that time,
a mirical happend.

thanks GolemAura,
i used a part of your images for the flowershoot.
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No robots..Just back to nature - created by ceebeeart

No robots..Just back to nature
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What if the world isn't getting very robotic/sf futuristic kinda like? No big buildings, industrie polution etc. Maybe we're just going back to nature again...?

Looks prettier this way, I think... (5 years and 2974 days ago)

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