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Fairytale in Disneyland Picture

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Nator: Great photo! ( 5 years and 3160 days ago )

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Fairytale in Disneyland - created by siderismaris

Fairytale in Disneyland
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I can't think of Mickey and not to think to Disney land too...ohh, I dream to get there someday...yeeep, I'm still a child :P oki, well, the hardest part was to crop the balloons, but I managed to make them with smooth margins using my lovely graphic tablet and also with the redefine edges option. I've made the splashes with a standard fuzzy brush and then I had a lot of patience (not typical for me :P) to make lot's of points. Pls, look at SBS to learn more about my new image. Thx! Enjoy!

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http://nestrstock.deviantart.com/ (5 years and 3161 days ago)

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Fragile Delivery - created by Lelaina

Fragile Delivery
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I found the picture of the heart a long time ago and had it still in my bookmarks without any chance to use. Till now ;)
I actually transformed the whole balloon into a heart, but it wasn't possible to recognize the source anymore, so I decided to just transform the ears into hearts.

I hope you like and comments are always welcome :) (5 years and 3161 days ago)

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B-lone - created by SOLARIS

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can a balloon be alone?
I think who rise throu the light is never really alone.

*source only (5 years and 3159 days ago)

I'm cute - created by vapaholic

Im cute
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(5 years and 3158 days ago)

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All Balloons Go To Heaven - created by Stowsk

All Balloons Go To Heaven
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(5 years and 3158 days ago)

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