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Create a one of a kind maze! You can create a simple maze from your childhood and challenge viewers to find the solution, or create a fantasy scene with a mysterious labyrinth, explore different options and come up with the most interesting maze possible.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

animmax: This is a 3D artists dream!! ( 5 years and 1751 days ago )
wazowski: Credits to hyperorbit for suggesting this contest ( 5 years and 1749 days ago )
RasGold: Hmmm ... While the entrie (so far) are very nice, I'm hopeing we see some that we actually have to try and solve! ( 5 years and 1747 days ago )

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Drink, spleen, matches, mazes - created by billyboy

Drink, spleen, matches, mazes
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Please, don't tell me this is not a maze. After two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon everything look like a maze ;)

3DS max (5 years and 1746 days ago)

No way out - created by nevena

No way out
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The old one... (5 years and 1752 days ago)

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Mazes Bonsai - created by genuine2009

Mazes Bonsai
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Cinema 4D & Photoshop

1. thanks to "resurgere"...for
source 1 (5 years and 1746 days ago)

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question - created by neverlander

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Drew the maze in photoshop(not illustrater), textured using bryce (5 years and 1746 days ago)

Maze of Love - created by unkskitty

Maze of Love
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Had the idea to make a sand maze like a hedge maze. Hope you like.

Pictures of couple and sand are my own. Hedge maze used as reference. Ocean pic from downloaded under subscription. Proof of subscription in SBS. (5 years and 1747 days ago)

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