Island - created by chady

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Mainly done in 3dsMax. I hope this is permited (5 years and 2191 days ago)

Fish Soups or Shark Dreams - created by GolemAura

Fish Soups or Shark Dreams
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source and a whole lot of my pics (5 years and 2195 days ago)

Ball Bug - created by Paulus62

Ball Bug
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(5 years and 2198 days ago)

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The garden of Souls - created by DarkQueen

The garden of Souls
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model by sitara-leotastock

Background by stock-feele
(5 years and 2197 days ago)

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Bunch of flowers - created by semas

Bunch of flowers
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I created the colorful flowers from the source image.
(5 years and 2195 days ago)