Miraculous water - created by siderismaris

Miraculous water
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Thought again to make a fantasy scene :P Used the perspective transformation tool to posionate the water a bit lower. The rainbow is made usind the special gradient option set on overlay and on rainbow style. I cut of the ball using the patch tool. The rest is made with blending options, contrast tool ad dodge and burn tool. More in SBS. Enjoy!

credits and thanks:
http://thealessandro.deviantart.com (5 years and 1982 days ago)

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Merry Christmas!!! :) - created by chakra1985

Merry Christmas!!! :)
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one of my old entries :) (5 years and 1984 days ago)

Wilson's Floater - created by pixelkid

Wilsons Floater
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All source only. Homage to two movies...'Castaway' and 'Caddyshack'. Don't leave the water...it's just a Baby Ruth! Candy bar made from scratch see SBS. Tried to make photo look aged a bit in color...since these movies are not recent. (5 years and 1979 days ago)

Playgound - created by elficho

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(5 years and 1980 days ago)

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Polo Croc - created by NoesisNRG

Polo Croc
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What I did to create the image:
1. Used Brightness/Contrast and Levels layer on the source image.

2. Used Hue/Saturation for croc image and the croc's reflection on the water.

3. Used sharpen filter for croc image.

4. Used smudge tool on edges of the croc.

5. Used Warp and Smudge tool for the croc's water reflection.

6. Used a Photo Filter for entire image. (5 years and 1983 days ago)

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