Angry "Wayne" - created by Mario

Angry "Wayne"
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(5 years and 2034 days ago)

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Barber's Worst Nightmare - created by magicsteve

Barbers Worst Nightmare
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Got some use out of the pen tool with this one. Everyone so far has been depicting Angry Mascot as an evil entity. I wanted to show him as just another bratty kid who pouts when he doesn't get his way. Enjoy! (5 years and 2028 days ago)

Fired Up - created by intrinsic

Fired Up
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(5 years and 2029 days ago)

Home sweet Home - created by jess66

Home sweet Home
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Here, in this desolated country lives a strange furious guy.

Just used a plane desert pic from Every thing else is digital painting (5 years and 2028 days ago)

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Kid 'N Watch - created by magicsteve

Kid N Watch
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Angry Kid depicted as an old "Game 'N Watch" style handheld game.

I drew everything out in Photoshop and reduced the opacity to give it that classic feel. Added a texture to the outer rim and some drop shadows to simulate the game's casing. Simple, but effective in my opinion.

Sources used were the original file and my own recollection of these game types. (5 years and 2029 days ago)