CHROME - created by Vandy

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(5 years and 2273 days ago)

Angry Car - created by curiousp2

Angry Car
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Made the car from the source and added a BG (5 years and 2274 days ago)

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We are Family... - created by arkncheeze

We are Family...
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Actually wanted to create fantasy/rpg characters based on the mascot... But later on dropped the whole idea...

Then after seeing *cough cough* someone's revolutionary pic, I thought of this idea...

Making a family outta the mascot... Hope you guyz like it...

P.S. Please Check Full Resolution... :) (5 years and 2274 days ago)

Storyboard - created by IDt8r

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I was wondering why this little guy was sooo upset (5 years and 2277 days ago)

Boxer - created by gopankarichal

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Please see the high res view and write your comments. Everything is created with Pen tool, dodge tool and burn tool. I used a reference image for boxing ring. Thanks to Sergey Barkov. (5 years and 2277 days ago)

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