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Fossil patterns are beautiful and can even make nice artistic centerpieces, all created by nature. Give nature a hand and create an extremely interesting never-before-seen fossil. You can choose what to fossilize, but it should appear a raw and realistic rock fossil, but not a full extracted and polished skeleton.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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The 8th wonder - created by loopyluv

The 8th wonder
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An old entry of mine... (5 years and 1495 days ago)

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Rodent - created by animmax

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A small rodent with rather large teeth. (5 years and 1488 days ago)

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Rock Fossil - created by DanLundberg

Rock Fossil
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(5 years and 1490 days ago)

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Thank god its dead! - created by animmax

Thank god its dead!
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Not sure what creature it was - but it looks nasty.

PLEASE VIEW HI RES... (5 years and 1493 days ago)

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Proof! - created by loopyluv

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So this is an oldie of mine...
Proof that little tiny ppl once existed ...although, when I took the pic to the press, they told me it was fake :S...damn :):) (5 years and 1492 days ago)

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