Do Birds Pee? - created by iquraishi

Do Birds Pee?
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Just for fun.. !!! extracted birds image and pasted it in the image and adjusted to look like that... ;) (5 years and 3164 days ago)

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O.K. - created by filantrop

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What does OK actually mean?
Thanks ockstockb,salingpusa,cliff1066 (5 years and 3167 days ago)

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Keyboard? - created by mjeprie

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what's with QWERTY? Can i have my own keyboard set? (5 years and 3167 days ago)

Bulldog+Shitsu= Bullsh**? - created by PSA2009

Bulldog+Shitsu= Bullsh**?
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Using these external sources, i came up with this idea? Hope it can be used??
Thanx to Vrungtante Brun, simax105 and Dimmerswitch from for the sources (5 years and 3165 days ago)

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Chickegg - created by billyboy

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What came first, the chicken or the egg ?
Photoshop & 3d max
Thanks to Steffe, Flickr (5 years and 3167 days ago)

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