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Your mission is to create the best pizza ever. Forget the toppings you find at your local pizza parlor, we are depending on you to design a new pizza to tempt our tummies with. Good Luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

Akassa: Wondering what to do for this contest o.0 ( 5 years and 3108 days ago )
Giallo: The real pizza is not exagerate simple but with the best ingredients ( 5 years and 3104 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Ultimate Pizza Pie! - created by Nellista

Ultimate Pizza Pie!
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I used two pizza images, one for the tray that it was in and the other one for the crispy edges which I didný quite like in the first pizza image.

After I merged and masked the two pizzas, I simply started to add different components. The catch was definitely to mask them as good as possible and I hope you'll find it a satisfying result!

Well....I think it sure does look tempting...but I wonder if it would really taste good in real life...! Lol!

Bon Appetit!

SBS coming later on tonight or tomorrow if I get too tired!

(5 years and 3105 days ago)

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For Pizza....Lovers! - created by Nellista

For Pizza....Lovers!
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Now...this is definitely a wedding cake for all pizza lovers around the world...!

Lots of masking on this one (top pizzas with fluffy edges). Initially I wanted to replace the red roses with sausages or chips, but then I've changed my mind cause I think the roses are a must when we talk wedding cakes!

And I really wonder if this was actually done in real life!

SBS coming later on!

Enjoy! (5 years and 3105 days ago)

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Pizza for breakfast anyone?? - created by BlueSparkle

Pizza for breakfast anyone??
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Please don't tell me the images I used are copyright... It took me quite some time to put this together.

The wooden table is a picture of my own door.

Anyway I hope you'd like to have this for breakfast sometime...:-) (5 years and 3103 days ago)

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Pizzazip - created by Milena

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All source pictures are downloaded from www.sxc.hu (5 years and 3105 days ago)

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Uber pizza - created by elficho

Uber pizza
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doing this made me hungry (5 years and 3105 days ago)

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