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Tom Sawyer

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On Pxleyes there's an interview with Eric Johansson, here is the link.
The idea is to create an impossible reality in the style of this amazing artist. Watch his images carefully and create any "impossible" situation... Do not copy the idea, just the style. Have fun and good luck.

For inspiration: here's contest 1

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

BWR: I absolutely love that guy's work. He is among the best of the best. He actually goes out, takes his own pictures, makes his own models, etc and then Photoshops them. A true inspiration. ( 3 years and 272 days ago )
still26: Dear Pxleyes,

Well, I just studied the link and want to thank you for posting this contest and his interview. I'm scratching my head which feels quite empty at this time, so am going to the fridge to eat a Sarah Lee Cheescake.

I'm inspired.

Thank you. ( 3 years and 272 days ago )
Zizounai: Here is the link to his website:
( 3 years and 272 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Tom Sawyer's Black Gold - created by lchappell

Tom Sawyers Black Gold
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(3 years and 267 days ago)

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It's Possible - created by BWR

Its Possible
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Can you find the hidden lady? A heavy composite of many sources. Made the water from an underwater photo combined with a surface photo. The cracked and rising ground was some ordinary gray cement that was warped to make it look like it was breaking open (see source #1). Converted the cement to a "brick" look. A great deal of light, color, and various contrast methods. Hope you like it.
Fish - NickJack
Dolphin - Jean Beaufort
Sunfish - Miyuki Meinaka
Birds - CC0 Public Domain (3 years and 263 days ago)

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Flood - created by Zizounai

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(3 years and 268 days ago)

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Possibilities - created by George55

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The moon or planet on the background is a circular selection filled with black and white.... A layer blending mode... and erased half of it.....Add a description... (3 years and 263 days ago)

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I want to see the architect - created by Zizounai

I want to see the architect
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(3 years and 265 days ago)

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