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Play your part - created by skyangel

Play your part
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Woodgrain background has been colorized. Burnt music sheet was placed over background on soft light mode. Music sheet duplicated three times, colorized and warped into shapes. Source cello was cut into abstract pieces and arranged as seen. Each cello layer has a stoke effect and drop shadow. Bow was cut out and placed on top of everything with a drop shadow but no stroke effect. All layers were merged and filtered with oil paint and fractalius.

(359 days ago)

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Music on the top - created by Zizounai

Music on the top
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(352 days ago)

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Special Occasion Card - created by skyangel

Special Occasion Card
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Suitable for many occasions.

The font is Old English text. (355 days ago)

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Little night music - created by Zizounai

Little night music
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(364 days ago)

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