Pxleyes Guide & F.A.Q.

The Pxleyes Guide offers you all the info you need to participate on www.pxleyes.com and more.
It’s the ultimate guide for beginners and everyone having questions about Pxleyes and her contests. What is allowed, what is not allowed, where to get help and so on.

Download our guide.

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Here you find some quick answers to frequently asked questions.


First of all: download our ‘Pxleyes Guide’ above, it is full with hints and tips and will most likely answer your question.

  1. 1 – My entry was removed but I disagree with the reason why, what can I do?
    Contact Robvdn by PM and tell him why you feel the removal was unjust. He will review the removal again and if he agrees he’ll put the entry back in the contest. Add the reason why your entry was removed, the URL, the title of your entry and explain clearly why you feel the removal is unjust.
  2. 2 – I became a member last week, now my wife, husband, one of my children… wants to become a member also, is this allowed?
    Yes this is allowed. BUT: if you know which entry they made: stay away from any of their entries while voting and / or commenting. Avoid any kind of conflict of interest.
    It’s best if you inform the mod team there’s multiple members of your family which are member of Pxleyes.
  3. 3 – I made an entry but want / need to make some changes. How can I do this?
    In the top bar go to ‘Profile’ and choose ‘my entries’. Just hoover over for instance, the title and click it and you can make your changes. Keep in mind yo should only upload finished entries, do not enter a work in progress.
  4. 4 – How does the votingsystem work?
    Each new member starts with 100 votepower (VP), if you vote on an entry this will increase with 0.2 points. The more you vote the higher your votepower will be. The maximum votepower you can get is 2000.
    If moderators see your voting is unfair, for instance voting high on a family member or friend OR voting low on entries in a contest you’ve entered to give yourself a better chance to win moderators can remove your votes. This also results, for you, in a loss of 10 VP per removed vote. This is also a reason why is does not help you to ask friends and family to vote for your entries.
  5. 5 – Is there an ‘adult only’ button for entries?
    No there’s no ‘adult only’ button on Pxleyes. We are a family friendly site and therefor do not allow extreme entries. We do not allow racism, violence, (soft) porn, terrorism, explicit nudity and gore. This does not mean you can not post nudity or (fake) blood but if you do remember your entry is considered borderline and might be removed by our mods, you’ll need to take this account.
  6. 6 – I want to use an entry of Pxleyes on my website, book cover and so on. How do I get permission?
    Pxleyes is not the copyright holder of the entries made on it’s website. To get permission to use the image you want you’ll have to contact the person who posted that image. Simply become a member and send that person a PM. If he/she does not reply it means you do not have permission. We advise members to give permission in written form which contains all conditions of use in it.
    Moderators and or the admin can not help you with email addresses or getting in touch in any other way, we (Pxleyes) consider our-self an outsider in this case.
  7. 7 – My entry has been used on another site or in some other way, can Pxleyes help me?
    Pxleyes is not responsible to what third parties do with the entries made on Pxleyes. Pxleyes does not become the copyright holder once you entered one of our contests, copyright still belongs to you. We can only offer you some advise: try to get in contact and be friendly. Make it clear you own copyright over the image and state clearly what you want.
  8. 8 – I just updated my avatar but I can not see it.
    Most likely the old image is still in the cache of your browser, try refreshing your browser. If you use Windows just press CTRL+F5 at the same time a couple of times.
  9. 9 – I have troubles uploading my entry.
    – keep your to upload image on 72 dpi, this makes the to upload image smaller and matches the dpi which our sites converts your image to.
    – use a simple name. Avoid spaces, slashes, brackets, commas and so on. A name like 001.jpg is best.
    – keep the ultimate image size under 5MB.
    – remove all your Pxleyes cookies in your browser and try again to upload.
    – log out and log in again and try again to upload.
    – try another browser.
  10. 10 – I had an entry which contained some kind of nudity and was removed, why?
    In general we do not allow nudity in any form.
    This goes especially for children, entries with children showing ANY kind of nudity will be removed for several reasons:
    – these kind of entries can have legal consequences for Pxleyes.
    – we do not want those kind of entries to be shared by the wrong kind of people.
    – children can not give consent and these kind of entries can work against them in the future.
    So in general: be careful with nudity and especially those kind of entries which contain children!


First of all: download our ‘Pxleyes Guide’ above, it is full with hints and tips and will most likely answer your question.

  1. 1 – How many sources can I use in a Photoshop contest?
    As many as you want. There’s space for 10 links and descriptions at each entry, if you used more just add them, as a list, to the description of your entry.
  2. 2 – Can I only use the program Photoshop in the Photoshop contest?
    You can use any software you want to create your entry, this includes any plugin and standalone software. Gimp is a good and free alternative to Photoshop.
  3. 3 – I’m new at the Photoshop contests and have some problems or questions, who can I turn to?
    You can contact spaceranger, he’s specialized in helping new members and will answer any question you have. You can also download our ‘Pxleyes Guide’ above, it is full with hints and tips to help you succeed at Pxleyes.


First of all: download our ‘Pxleyes Guide’ above, it is full with hints and tips and will most likely answer your question.

  1. 1 – Can I adjust my photo before I enter it into a contest? I want to use a filter / color change or want to make some selective changes.
    There’s several answers to that question, it’s best to download our ‘Pxleyes Guide’ above and search your answer there. Your question is too complicated to answer quickly.

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