My special place - created by George55

My special place
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(5 years and 108 days ago)

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It's on the table. - created by skyangel

Its on the table.
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House filtered with oil paint filter. Other items cut out, resized and placed on table using different blend modes and I changed a few colors. (5 years and 119 days ago)

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Framed drawing - created by skyangel

Framed drawing
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The pencil drawing effect was done by desaturating the picture, duplicating it, change the top layer to color dodge mode. Invert and blur the top layer about 6-10 pixels according to your liking. Merge the layers and adjust the levels to make the blacks darker. I also used the cross hatch brush strokes filter but you can use any other artistic filter you prefer or just leave it as it is.
I then transformed it to fit into the frame.
The glasses and pencils were cut out, resized and slightly changed in color using color adjustment layers. (5 years and 119 days ago)

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No Trespassing... - created by madamemonty

No Trespassing...
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... or the magic pencil will draw glasses on you. (5 years and 118 days ago)

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MEMORIES - created by George55

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(5 years and 110 days ago)

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