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We often see photos showing the evolution of apes transforming into human beings step by step. That's what you'll have to do in this contest; but its not limited to human and apes. You can actually choose any 2 animals from the large variety of species we have on Earth and show the different processes by which one of the animals changes to become the other animal.

For example, if you choose an elephant and a bird, you should show the different steps by which the elephant will first decrease in size, get wings, get a beak, till its completely a bird. And don't forget that the first animal and the last animal in the process must be totally different from each other; that means that you can't combine them to create another species.
So you would show the elephant source image then a minimum of three steps of change and the final bird source image. This can be done side by side or in a portrait format stacking one image over the other. A high res image posting is advisable. GL !


Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

tinasedits: Is there any way to see the thumbnail example in a larger size? I get the concept but I'm interested in seeing the example in better detail. ( 2 years and 101 days ago )
Contest Moderator: here you can see more examples. ( 2 years and 100 days ago )
tinasedits: Thank you! ( 2 years and 100 days ago )

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From weevil to tapir - created by Zizounai

From weevil to tapir
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Weevil, Weepir, Taevil & Tapir... in the middle is the missing link. (2 years and 100 days ago)

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Rabbit to horse - created by tinasedits

Rabbit to horse
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(2 years and 90 days ago)

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