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Take any picture of an object and take one or more items in the object melt as if they where ice . So let it drip, stand in a pool of its own fluid material, and shine as if its wet. The object needs to be melted away already partly, and I am not talking about one or two drips here.. no I want whole pools of fluid below it.


Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Eladine

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Jeanne Bussie - created by velkanx

Jeanne Bussie
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Inspired by a character from the novel Perfume who is the first person to realise Grenouille has no scent and claims he is sucking all the life out of her (5 years and 239 days ago)

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Hot Dancing - created by TorDoni

Hot Dancing
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Made of Gold - created by skyangel

Made of Gold
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Are you made of gold or some harder metal? How much heat can you stand before you melt?

The work was inspired by the movie Terminator 2 in which the T1000 is a metal shape changer. I wanted the end result to look more like melting metal than melting wax. If you have any tips for improvement, please share.

Process: Cut out model. Make new background by painting a new layer with black and overlaying the flames on screen mode. Mask out unwanted bits, desaturate and darken the green bits.
Use some cloned flames for the ground and push them around with the smudge tool, then liquify to make it look like a puddle.
Add some smoke around the flames.
Lighten model as much as possible, use plastic wrap filter, then chrome filter over the plastic wrap. Draw some drop sections over the model freehand, copy and paste them in various places. Use puppet warp, liquify and smudge tools on model parts to increase the melting effect and blend the feet into the ground puddle. Adjust levels and curves. Add colour from the flames. I used two new layers for the colour and blended them using colour and colour burn blend modes. Merge all layers and save. Took the end result into filter forge to add a black frame.
That's it in a nutshell. I played around a lot more than that, trying different effects and ended up scrapping a lot of layers. That is why
I did not make an SBS with pictures. I started trying to make one but I changed my mind because I scrapped and changed too many things in the process. (5 years and 241 days ago)

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Fluis glacial - created by lolu

Fluis glacial
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Full Melt - created by WYSIWYG

Full Melt
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