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Do you know the TV show 'Toddlers and Tiaras" in which (mostly) moms take their very young daughters (mostly) against their wills to beauty pageants? No? Then have a look here. Your job in this contest is to take a photo of girl up to 10 years old which is dressed normally (also normal hair) and turn that child into a contestant for the children's beauty pageant called "Little miss PXLEYES".

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: robvdn

JoeCacia: That's so cool! Now if you don't have a girl picture, I can give you a picture of my girl to use, she is 8. Just send me an Email , I would love to help out. ( 5 years and 553 days ago )
CMYK46: Please don't let me say what I'm thinking here... ( 5 years and 553 days ago )
oziipop: OMG Bob! squeeeal! ( 5 years and 553 days ago )
Majkman: oh sure we always have to do CMYK's favourite ;-(
( 5 years and 553 days ago )
kcinsti: I'm morally opposed to this contest ( 5 years and 553 days ago )
Pixel_Monkey: WoW!!!! this contest is in real bad taste I think !!! ( 5 years and 553 days ago )
MossyB: Bad Taste? Possibly, but that is a VERY SUBJECTIVE call...

In actuality, it IS a very lucrative chop job, when you can find it.

A few years ago, I was offered a job by a company that does "Little Miss" Beauty Pageant photography, and it paid $250 a pop to retouch the photos for the contestants. I turned it down because of the "bad taste" aspect, but looking back now, I should have left my personal aesthetics at the door and taken the gig... xD ( 5 years and 551 days ago )
MossyB: "Moral outrage" is a bit extreme, but child pageants have been around for decades. Here is a POV from the pageant side: ( 5 years and 551 days ago )
MossyB: For the contest lovers who can enjoy the challenge of this type of chop, here are some of the looks that the pageant catalogs use:
( 5 years and 551 days ago )
spaceranger: I have to agree with the negative feelings of some members about this scenario. I'm strongly opposed to these pageants for two primary reasons. First is how a prepubescent child is adorned with makeup the purpose of which historically is to enhance sexual attraction, not an opinion, a fact. In particular the use of lipstick has a strong sexual for yourself.
Second is the behavior of stage mothers in general who go to such extremes to promote their child often to the point of abuse and often to satisfy a vicarious desire of their own.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I live by my morality and the convictions of my beliefs so I'll abstain from voting for this contest.
Unlike MossyB I would never "take the gig" at any price...never did never will. ( 5 years and 550 days ago )
JoeCacia: With all due respect to everyone's opinion, I don't get it!!! We are not doing this for real, it is just Photoshop. ( 5 years and 550 days ago )
robvdn: I think I wrote the description for this contest very clear: it's a parody! Don't take it to serious, more as a protest against this kind of child abuse... ( 5 years and 549 days ago )
273Kelvin: @ robvdn. Child abuse? as the author of the description should you not be a little more neutral? Personally I'm really not into this but I have a perfectly respectable niece who is 9 years old who happens to love doing pageants. She gets no pressure from her parents (in fact quite the opposite). This is one way among others in which she feels that she can express herself. I'm sure she would be horrified if she thought others believed she was being abused. ( 5 years and 548 days ago )
JoeCacia: Reading all of these comments made me giggle, really? You Photoshop babies like terrorists, babies with cigarettes in their mouth, without head and more and more, seriously? What is different here? It is a BEAUTY Photoshop...
@273Kelvin, that's so cute, God bless her, you must love her so much for doing that, I love pageants too, never had the chance to put my daughter, but I like the classy type pageants not the over doing ones. ( 5 years and 548 days ago )
robvdn: @273Kelvin: I applaud your niece! If she does this out her own free will then she should 100% do it. BUT: I was referring to the show 'Toddlers and Tiaras' and you must agree, if you know this show, that the majority of those parents do not do this because their children want to do this (at least that is the general idea one gets from watching this show) and YES in such a case I feel it is child abuse.

Sorry that this suggestion of mine is received badly, I did not realize that before. I promise to do better in the future. ( 5 years and 548 days ago )
minnie: I've got a 7 year daughter and I would never let her be in one of these contests... even if she wanted it!!
But I think you've been a bit unfair with Robvdn. He just made a suggestion for a photoshop contest, if you don't like the theme just don't do it!!
There's been other contests that I found distasteful, but there where a lot of entries. Some people may think this contest is a challenge...
And I just wonder, if it had a money price would it be more entries??
( 5 years and 547 days ago )
273Kelvin: Its all good. Each to their own. In fact its great to see some respectful intelligent discussion on here ( 5 years and 547 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Miss Pxleyes in the Grass - created by rturnbow

Miss Pxleyes in the Grass
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7 years old at the time (5 years and 546 days ago)

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Miss Redhead - created by friiskiwi

Miss Redhead
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3 of my own photographs, and 1 I own.

1. girl
2. hair
3. dress
4. pendant. (5 years and 550 days ago)

Lil' Miss Pxl Glitz - created by MossyB

Lil Miss Pxl Glitz
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"Glitz" is one of the major child pageant organizations.

The SBS is Animated.
The Background was made with Filter>Render>Clouds, and then adjusted and other filters applied to create a random background. (5 years and 546 days ago)

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