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Bob - created by buzzy

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This is a Souron Soldier. I have always been a fan of the L.O.T.R trilogy. My kids came up with his name.
Any resemblance to any persons, alive or deceased is strictly coincidence. LOL!
Orcs were the most commonplace villains serving the Dark Powers in all of Tolkien's Mythology, a race of sentient beings bred by the evil Vala Melkor (Morgoth) during the time of the Great Darkness. The Dark Lord Sauron also bred them, and later the wizard Saruman, as they often used them as soldiers and henchmen and sent them out to do various evil deeds across Middle-earth.
All the elements in the armor and background, and minor elements in the skin texture were derived from the contest source image. (5 years and 1799 days ago)

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Good vibration - created by divair

Good vibration
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(5 years and 1796 days ago)

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pagan power - created by detractor

pagan power
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New snake
its a png not a 3d render
(5 years and 1799 days ago)

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Painter - created by shaiju1974

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Author: capgros

Author: wincera
(5 years and 1799 days ago)

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