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Dawn On The Clouds Picture

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Dawn On The Clouds - created by DanielaOwergoor

Dawn On The Clouds
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Thanks to

AKStock (5 years and 1903 days ago)

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Waiting at the stairs - created by Mqvlo

Waiting at the stairs
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My first work on Ps, hoping for the best (5 years and 1896 days ago)

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Bad Boys - created by wallywalters

Bad Boys
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(5 years and 1896 days ago)

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Stoneman Forest - created by Hon_Blackrod

Stoneman Forest
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Thanks to for the pics.

Special thanks to emilyhill for the rocks and water pics (

used a default texture of photoshop for the cliff

used a default Pattern to fix the bridge

(5 years and 1896 days ago)

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Mixed River - created by sawan911

Mixed River
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thanks for these inspiring stock on both Deviant Art and PXLeyes,
credit goes to :
Marcus Ranum
Obsidian Dawn (

pxleyes stock:

(5 years and 1899 days ago)

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