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Effect of lightning - created by shivkumar menon

Effect of lightning
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Added lightning effect to the source image. No external sources used.

Step 1 :Opened a new layer, created a black to white gradient, diagonally from the top left, to the bottom right.
Step 2:Filters>Render>Differance Clouds
Step 3: Inverted the image (Image >Adjustment>Invert)
Step 4: Adjusted levels to bring out the lightning effect
Step 5: Added a little bit of color
Step 6: With layer mask, added this lightning effect to the source image.
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Stones on the field. - created by albevolution

Stones on the field.
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STONE text. - created by albevolution

STONE text.
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used only source image. (5 years and 922 days ago)