Dreamy House - created by jordyponce

Dreamy House
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the rain its coming... (5 years and 1132 days ago)

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Blue Morning - created by lchappell

Blue Morning
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All Photoshop. Brushes for planets and stars. Some cloud filter rendering and gaussian blur used. (5 years and 1133 days ago)

Warrior - created by Nator

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Thank you to Marcus Ranum for the use of his image of the model. www.ranum.com or Deviant Art

Thank You to "night-fate-stock" Deviant Art
(5 years and 1130 days ago)

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Pixie Field - created by SaEllisson

Pixie Field
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Use of the photo filters and practice with layer masks and lighting, gave me the bright and very colorful outcome.
I also did a lot of brush painting for vivid details. (5 years and 1130 days ago)

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Pink sights - created by Nickk

Pink sights
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Pink is the sunrise,
pink is the sunset,
pink are the flowers
it's here were you forget,
your trubbles and sadness,
and all worlds madness.

* Comments are really appreciated!
Whether it's by giving tips to improve my work, or by showing that you like it. *

**Though it may be a little difficult to see because of the smooth overlay, the shadows are blue, midtones purple, and highlights pink. (And the black and whites are obvious) **
(5 years and 1130 days ago)

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