Don't Mess With Ela's Jalopy - created by lchappell

Dont Mess With Elas Jalopy
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Thank You Eladine for inspiring me to do this. The Puss in Boots was done according to a tutorial Eladine had posted here at pxleyes some time back. All sources used for the cat were taken from that tutorial. (5 years and 1441 days ago)

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Plum Crazy - created by lchappell

Plum Crazy
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My simple tribute to a man who's art I started liking as a young fellow, Mr. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. (5 years and 1446 days ago)

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THE TRIP - created by lolu

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(5 years and 1444 days ago)

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Mighty MOPAR - created by lchappell

Mighty MOPAR
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Mr.GreenDay - created by wrockx

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