flower in focus - created by wooyuenfoo

flower in focus
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(5 years and 1111 days ago)

Soccer Fun - created by Mimibeth

Soccer Fun
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I used the source image 4 times --- 3 times as flowers in the grass, and once as the background behind the hands.

All external images are my own. (5 years and 1114 days ago)

Alone with my flower.. - created by jordyponce

Alone with my flower..
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2 Sources:

magic rainbow - created by sanjugs

magic rainbow
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Simple Edit - created by Mimibeth

Simple Edit
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I edited this three times in ACR and then layered each edit on top of each other in the PSE 9 work space. Then I used layer masks to keep the parts of each edit that I wanted, and discard the rest. (5 years and 1116 days ago)