Play Time - created by nasirkhan

Play Time
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New comer - created by nasirkhan

New comer
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Hola! - created by jadedink

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kinda rushed the finish of this one because i was running out of time, so the sky is boring. meant to have a vulture. :P but oh well.

here you have it. the mix between achmed the terrorist and jalapeno on a stiiiiiick. (thank you jeff dunham for the laughs and inspiration)

only source used and some cloud brushes for the cartoony style clouds.
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Rainbow Hurricane Ride - created by Ressiv

Rainbow Hurricane Ride
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All done with source except for the little girl. It's all in SBS and High Res ;) (5 years and 1471 days ago)

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Surfin' on Citrus - created by Drivenslush

Surfin on Citrus
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my photo and source (5 years and 1477 days ago)