fractal clock - created by genuine2009

fractal clock
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i made this image with CS3 ; C4D

thanks to ''mjranum-stock'' for source 1 (5 years and 1711 days ago)

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Time Marches On - created by donh

Time Marches On
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Equal - created by erathion

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I have to put rest of sources that i used in description field.I send apologize to mods because lots of sources.

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Marcus J. Ranum,Jasmine Singh ,Carlos Butler,stephanie peacock (epitomei),Belin Czechowicz,What a gosh darned cunt,teodora vlaicu,Agata Urbaniak,Rob Owen-Wah,Tom Antony,Rafael Dominguez,Resources + Images,Brybs,mradric

Thanks guys for the great resources...

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Eccentricity - created by erikuri

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Morbid? Maybe...
Dark? Indeed...
Gothic style for modern times! (5 years and 1711 days ago)

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solar clock - created by spygirl1978

solar clock
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based on the idea of the sundial....but more new-age......

sources used:

"Mayan Calendar" by C:Digital on

Plus my own image and photoshop..... (5 years and 1709 days ago)

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