sandcastle - created by snshnangel04

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thanks to jaaro from sxc for the background pic (5 years and 2900 days ago)

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colored car (updated) - created by kevinice95

colored car (updated)
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I just made a color layer and then used the color style.. its simple but i thought you guys would like some color (5 years and 2904 days ago)

Fossilized Beetle - created by ricky777

Fossilized Beetle
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1. select half tire, copy and flip to make the tire the car and place it in your chosen rock texture.
2. change the hue/saturation of the car to closely resemble that of the color of your rock.
3. duplicate the rock texture and place the copy above the car layer reduce opacity to about 60% and change to 'linear light'
4. use dodge and burn to areas that you think needs to look buried or extruded.
5. select and place archeologist and his tools and change hue/saturation to darken a bit...also use burn/dodge tool where needed.
6. using clone stamp w/ low opacity copy some rock texture over the tool table and archeologist's clothes to make them look a little dirty.
(5 years and 2902 days ago)

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The First - created by ginger13

The First
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(5 years and 2896 days ago)

Kick'in It - created by oopsee

Kickin It
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(5 years and 2902 days ago)

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