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By oana
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Create a scene, in which a person gets or uses the most embarassing or inappropriate present ever... Something totally inappropriate that doesn't belong to the person at all. For example, you could create a scene with a body builder, receiving pink pyama's as a present, ... Make the scene realistic and believable.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Feodora

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Howdie stranger!
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CHRISTMAS PRESENT - created by oana

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Thanks Dad, but what is it? - created by Poss

Thanks Dad, but what is it?
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They grow up fast. Not so much embarrassing but certainly inappropriate.

The child photo is mine.
Thanks to peba at sxc.hu for the Xmas tree. ajaykampani and Okea purchased at Iphotostock.com. Receipts included in SBS. (5 years and 1757 days ago)

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Wild gift - created by nasirkhan

Wild gift
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Thanks to pepo (5 years and 1752 days ago)

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3 days til Christmas - created by darkshellie23

3 days til Christmas
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I was trying something new. I know its not perfect.

pS --santa is facing forward because he doesn't want to see his gift;

Thanks all
Ribbon Bow Brushes by ~hawksmont

Snow White by ~supreme-neko

stock exercise by ~miniature-tauri

Frosted Christmas Tree PSD by ~dbszabo1
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Wedding Gift - created by DigitalPro

Wedding Gift
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