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Carnivore plants have always represented a great source of inspiration for science fiction movies and books. Why not for us, photoshop lovers? Imagine any sort of plant that could eat people, insects, animals or any other living creature that you could think of. Try to make it look really creepy, but as realistic as possible.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

kyricom: "Carnivorous Plants" ( 5 years and 1694 days ago )

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Feed me, Seymour! - created by krigios

Feed me, Seymour!
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Feed Me - created by Glockman

Feed Me
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The Catch - created by Poss

The Catch
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The Contest Goal: Make it look as realistic as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love the cartoony images too....

My thanks to ebbers-art and andres ol from

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Cat Lilly - created by freejay

Cat Lilly
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Tiger lilly - created by RAZ0R

Tiger lilly
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all made in photoshop (5 years and 1694 days ago)