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Have you ever seen a wanted sign? In the old days they were old and scraggly with torn edges and brown paper with a sketch of whatever it was that was wanted and hung up by a nail. These days they are made out of clean white paper with a photo of the person and stuck on with sticky tape. But imagine what it would be like in the future. Would it even be paper?? or what colour would it be? and how would they stick it up? Or how would the photo be taken? Think about the different aspects of a wanted poster and modernize them. Remember to have 'Wanted' on there with a description picture reward and anything else you think is appropriate.
Design a modern wanted poster for these times or for the future.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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Hologram - created by HoldinHeat

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mean kitty (the hand was my own picture) (5 years and 2107 days ago)

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Neuropolis 2200 - created by Hippunky

Neuropolis 2200
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Genetic engineering got out of hand in the late 2100's (for the fourth time) and a slave race of Pugghas was created. Unfortunately, whilst highly adept with electronics (and good cooks), they're also a little slapdash... (5 years and 2107 days ago)

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Wanted: hologram - created by KingRafox

Wanted: hologram
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Thought of a place where a lot of people come, so the subway seemed good to me! Hope you enjoy it!! (5 years and 2104 days ago)

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Futuristic Wanted - created by designerRUs

Futuristic Wanted
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yeah.. played around a bit

-made the ring with some gardients and cutted out little bit
- I think the rest is simple and easy to understand for everyone

pls comment
(5 years and 2104 days ago)

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Personal Scanners - created by k5683

Personal Scanners
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Personal Handheld scanners will be able to track virtually any human being.

thanks: jaft & t_zero (5 years and 2104 days ago)

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