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Edible "Bull-Head" - created by drskn08

Edible "Bull-Head"
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Its known as singhara/singhada/Indian water chestnut. Its native fruit of India which is mostly produced in south east asia.
I have been wondering from my childhood watching its shape which resemble to a cattle's head. Its thick covering and 2 spines are removed and eaten as raw or after boiling. It gives slight sweetish taste... :-) (5 years and 1386 days ago)

avatar friiskiwi
friiskiwi says:

Great, would not know what it was.

author says:

you can google by the name i provided to know more about it...

avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Very unusual looking!

author says:

lol yeah MossyB

Howdie stranger!
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