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Shhhhhhh - created by Remsphoto

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They sleep a lot in the beginning, but make up for it later. (5 years and 1903 days ago)

avatar kyricom
kyricom says:

Good thing it's asleep, as it looks a bit too viscious to get close to when it's awake! (look at the paws on that monster!)

(might bump up the contrast just a touch)

avatar mperri
mperri says:

OH MY GOD!!! This is the most adorable puppy ever!!!!!

avatar friiskiwi
friiskiwi says:

I'm in love.

avatar adeincyprus

nice capture author...........could we see a hi res please...

author says:

Uploaded Hi Res. Cute isn't she !

avatar adeincyprus

good effort.............some camera shake evident in high res, also, the dof is very short imo...

avatar annarib
annarib says:

Wonderful !

avatar Karol
Karol says:

wow!!!this is sooo cute!

avatar karaflazz
karaflazz says:

Great DOF & good choice of background (makes this cute little guy pop-out from the rest of the photo)
Agree with kyricoms suggestion tho (i don't know if you all ready done that).

avatar angelicviolets

What a cute pic...It almost looks like a stuffed animal...

avatar angelicviolets

What a cute pic...It almost looks like a stuffed animal...

avatar rasellia
rasellia says:

...i'm in love too... adorable puppy!

avatar busmav
busmav says:

So cute. Good luck.

avatar dollmommy
dollmommy says:

soooo sweet. great shot

avatar dinomario10

Congratulations on the first place!!! Well done, Remsphoto!!

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your first place!

author says:

Thanks for the kind words. She was cute and never had an accident from day one. What a pup!

Howdie stranger!
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