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Secretariat Building, Delhi - created by kumar

Secretariat Building, Delhi
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Situated on Raisina Hill, New Delhi, India, the Secretariat Building is a set of two buildings on opposite sides of Rajpath that are home to some of the most important ministries of the Government of India (5 years and 2603 days ago)

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devansh says:

lovely ref.

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author says:

thanks @ Teebone100

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friiskiwi says:

This is really beautiful, but could be improved with a little straightening, and perhaps cropped a little closer. I hope the beautiful vignetting is natural and not done by you.

author says:

hi friiskiwi , thanks for c&c , it is untouch pic..., keep in touch thanks

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k5683 says:

This is truly an amazing picture!!!

author says:

Thanks @ k5683

author says:

Thanks @ k5683

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neeraj55 says:

beautiful ! good luck

author says:

thanks @ neeraj55

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kyricom says:

Great reflections

author says:

thanks @ kyricom

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jawshoewhah [banned] says:

Nice final score Congrats!

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neeraj55 says:

Congrats! KUMAR

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