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Bicycles....we all love them. They are great for exercise and for getting around. The wind through your hair, the strengthening of heart, lungs and legs, eco-friendly and economical transportation -- all benefits of the bicycle.
Your mission is to photograph a bicycle.There can only be one bicycle in your shot, with someone on it or without.

You can also include any part of a bicycle. Take a close-up of the chain or the handlebars. The photo doesn't have to be of the entire bicycle. Tricycles also included.
Have fun and see how creative you can be with your bicycle (tricycle, unicycle) photos.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: meran

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ghost rider - created by meran

ghost rider
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(5 years and 1203 days ago)

Pastel - created by SaHdeeQ

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(5 years and 1208 days ago)

Abandonned - created by Artifakts

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Every summer, a lot of old bikes are abandonned because their owner can't take them on holiday ! Do something ! Do not let your old bikes on the side of the road ! ^_^ (5 years and 1208 days ago)

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Entry number 86560 - created by Ulrike

Entry number 86560
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biking between autum flowers in Mexico (5 years and 1208 days ago)

In the drink in Leiden - created by janoogee

In the drink in Leiden
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Bicycle in the canal in Leiden (5 years and 1208 days ago)