MELON - created by cterraza

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this is a light painting technique.
is very simple.
in a dark room
put your camera con a tripod
set the camera to manual focus
speed 30 seconds
aperture 22
turn off the light shoot the camera and with a fluorescent light start painting, until the camera stops. (5 years and 1737 days ago)

Cloud-to-Ground Lightning.... - created by prasanthvarrier

Cloud-to-Ground Lightning....
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This Photo Is Snapped By Myself... (5 years and 1744 days ago)

What do you see? - created by Wayne Cheah

What do you see?
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This is not photoshopped. I just took a photo of a fireplace. And when I reviewed it, I felt a chill ran up my spine. How many animals can you see? (5 years and 1742 days ago)

engine - created by wooyuenfoo

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(5 years and 1742 days ago)

Interesting Windows - created by teecee

Interesting Windows
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(5 years and 1743 days ago)

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