nameless - created by aussie_trace

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GLOBAL SPARKS - created by cterraza

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This is a technique I learned and uses a tripod with 30 seconds shutter speed 22 aperture. then use steel wool that goes inside of a wisk atached to a wire cable.
at night in an open area put the steel wool on fire and start moving in circles for 30 seconds and you get this image. (5 years and 1732 days ago)

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froggy - created by Eris

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Creator's mysterious ways - created by jerostone

Creators mysterious ways
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This one I shot about 25 days ago with a friend's Nikon Coolpix. For obvious reasons, one of those things that can't go unnoticed (5 years and 1739 days ago)

we are here! - created by meran

we are here!
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