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Post a shot of something that has a natural gradient. It can be a flower, the sky, fruit, or any kind of plant... your choice! The subject with the gradient can't be man-made - it must be natural.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

BeSea: It would be nice to see something other than sunsets or flowers for this one. ( 5 years and 1746 days ago )
Wayne Cheah: That's the problem. Nothing man-made. It must be something found in Nature. ( 5 years and 1745 days ago )
Contest Moderator: As any shot can be show a natural gradient by turning it black and white, entries into this theme must be in color. ( 5 years and 1744 days ago )

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The Mature Years - created by photogirl723

The Mature Years
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(5 years and 1741 days ago)

it's been a while - created by meran

its been a while
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since this one floated (5 years and 1739 days ago)

Evening Sunset... - created by prasanthvarrier

Evening Sunset...
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(5 years and 1746 days ago)

a framework of nature - created by Chrys Rizzo

a framework of nature
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(5 years and 1746 days ago)

Desert Daybreak - created by rturnbow

Desert Daybreak
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(5 years and 1746 days ago)