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Nature has it's way to make water flow from it's origin in the mountains to the oceans, they are called streams and rivers. Humanity took this concept to create them wherever we want them to be and called them canals. This contest is about those roads on water. Lakes, seas and oceans are considered to be off theme. One river side has to be in your shot. Maybe give us some info on what water way you photographed, where it is and maybe some fun historical facts.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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Babbling Brook - created by kyricom

Babbling Brook
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(5 years and 886 days ago)

Night is coming - created by patty

Night is coming
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(5 years and 889 days ago)

Skippers Canyon - created by friiskiwi

Skippers Canyon
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(5 years and 888 days ago)

The River Stour - created by siduck68

The River Stour
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This photo was taken at Rabness during a sailing trip. We had a bbq on the beach whilst watching the sunset over the river Stour (5 years and 884 days ago)

Sailing - created by patty

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Cesenatico - Italy (5 years and 889 days ago)