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Decorating the Tree Picture

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Some of you are looking forward to Christmas, some fearing it, but one way or the other, most of us is doing something to prepare for the festive season. Show us some imaginative, or fun photos of what people are doing to get ready.

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Decorating the Tree - created by UncleJimmy

Decorating the Tree
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(5 years and 1135 days ago)

Christmas Evening - created by Dmitry

Christmas Evening
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(5 years and 1135 days ago)

Toy Maker - created by Lolitanola17

Toy Maker
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A shot with little color vibrancy,
A local wood carver and toy maker, making real the legend of Santa's workshop. Into the late hours of the night he sat working , finishing up a rubber band powered paddle boat that some child will be thrilled to see in their stocking on Christmas.
The work is shown around his house as I went to visit him. the fireplace reminds viewers of the master carver that lives here while the toys dolls and puppets show a child's heart.
A man to be celebrated
The Toy Maker. (5 years and 1135 days ago)

The start of my Christmas Cake - created by friiskiwi

The start of my Christmas Cake
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(5 years and 1137 days ago)

Three in One - created by friiskiwi

Three in One
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As I prepare for Christmas I like to visit our cathedral to see the Christmas tree display, but I also like to enjoy our lovely sunshine. Here I managed to capture all three. (5 years and 1134 days ago)

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